Microsoft Point Generator 2013

                        Hi Guys! Welcome to my site "". Friends you all are know about the microsoft points and how it works. You all know that there is such a some Microsoft Points Generator which generate free microsoft points codes. But it is always hard to find such a thing. But you don't worry, You are at right place. Here you will get free microsoft point generator which is help you to generate the free microsoft points codes.

                         I know you are wondering how people can make this thing. The code which is generated by microsoft is depends on algorithm. So if you can get code algorithm then you can make this kind of stuff easily. Hackers will inject some codes into microsoft site and try to get algorithm of that code. When they gets the algorithm after that they will give that algorithm to coders. Now it turns of coders, They will make a software which will generate codes according to algorithm. in this way you can make this kind of stuff.

It is just overview of the whole process. this is not simple as i written. But never mind you do not need to know about this. Here you are getting this free.

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